Yogurt, Raw Cauliflower Salad With Mayonnaise – ..

A piece of broccoli and half a spoon of each for a half tbsp mayonnaise (if desired can be made from the yoghurt filtering only – to see the first picture below you can see the size of the cauliflower pieces)

Female in a way that will fracture nuts or walnuts (I’ve tried with both; the result is great)

1. Cauliflower, separate the branches like in the picture below.

Cauliflower wash and dry the branches thoroughly. Thin branches with a knife roll.

2. Yogurt, mayonnaise, and salt.

3. Cauliflower and chopped dill in a deep bowl, mix yogurt and nuts/ nut mix with a fracture. Serve cold. This salad can be consumed the next day intact.

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