Winter Veggie Omelet – ..

I have guests for breakfast I could do from Twitter recently I asked a question. I received an answer from nurcihan. It’s not to my guests, but the omelet I made for my son and myself. I loved my son he’d hate.
But the remaining boiled cauliflower for a nice alternative. If you keep making an omelet for breakfast or cauliflower fries you can consume by minor during the remaining parts. Maybe your child loves. Then a healthy alternative.

Nurcihan chocolate Germany here by saying.. If you say I’m in charge of who I can introduce you. 🙂 Same to spend a beautiful day on a visit to Germany Khadijah,allowing me biscuits and chocolate by post, here’s what to say on Twitter because I’m sending a sister who is ashamed of me. My request is that; just come in and redeem him to me a nice day. 🙂 Throws two chocolate bag bi but not necessarily so. not necessarily 🙂 I’m sure 🙂
Cauliflower-in-winter omelet with vegetables I said. In fact, you can vary too.

Water recipe I made.
– 1 egg
– 1 cup milk
– 1 cup flour
– 1 cup cauliflower, boiled until
– 1 pinch parsley
The duplex we’re baking in a pan stir and slightly oiled. To eat we eat. 🙂

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