Winter Spinach Recipe – ..

Base ;
125 gr. butter
2 tablespoons yogurt
1 egg
1 teaspoon salt
1 package baking powder
Flour ( about 2 cups )
Melt the butter and kneading sticky dough that sticks to the hands all the ingredients by adding it we’re. After 10 minutes at 175 degrees until the dough turns slightly pink cast in the mold until we’re baking .

Above ;
3 – 4 large onions
1 kg spinach, cleaned up version
Red pepper
Black pepper
1 package cream
1,5 cup grated cheese

We’re roasting the spinach by adding The Onion with a little oil . Take from the stove add the cream and spices close to mix . We pulled out of the oven and evenly pour onto the dough we’re spreading. We’re also pouring over the cheese baking in the oven until golden brown .
Bon Appetit ..

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