Wildlife The Cake, My Son Is Only 3 Years Old… #recipes

How time flies, just like yesterday, we celebrate the second age. Someday, suddenly, became the big man. I don’t even want to think about, in fact all of them, you can now easily squeeze in a little time while you can kiss any time I want “Oh, mom..!” cries will rise because 🙂

I don’t feel much like writing today’s post, I feel so tired, that may be the effect of being dying of the flu. A sugar-crust pie-making in itself sounds exhausting now, I looked at the archives, I didn’t do cake sugar paste for a full year. It was exhausting for me this year’s cake, the bakery catalog for the model that I have manners, taking advantage of a cake, I did the same. Probably they, too, are famous esinlemis they must be from a bakery.

Our banana cake, chocolate ganache with pistachio and dark chocolate had chocolate.Sponge cake recipe adapted from Ruki measurements 25 cm 1.5 times to mold as I did.

6 egg white and the yolk will be carefully allocated
225 gr. granulated sugar
Add chopped walnuts 2 package
1 cup flour
1 cup corn starch
3 tablespoons cocoa
1 package baking powder

Let our oven heat up to 175 degrees. With a pinch of salt for 2-3 minutes until the egg whites are white as snow the clap! Add half of the powdered sugar into the melted sugar until it clap 5-6 more minutes! In a separate bowl the egg yolks, the remaining sugar until the sugar has melted, the mixture will clap until a buttery consistency! Add the yolks and the whites in the mixer at the lowest speed, however, let mix until blended with each other. Flour, cocoa powder, starch, vanilla and baking powder together, let’s eliminate rough dry. We’ve ruled out the mixture by adding the eggs little by little, slow clap! Do this process until all of the material. I’m empty and our mixture with a spatula over it duzleyel oiled mold. Our oven overheated and bake for 30-40 minutes. (Do not open oven door for first 20 minutes) with the help of a toothpick your cake is cooking you can check if cooked thoroughly fried. Dip toothpick and if it comes off clean when it is cooked. Take the edges of the mold from the oven baked our cake, and let go of the knife. Remove from mold and carefully turn upside down onto a wire grid and let it cool thoroughly. Saran wrap and cooled in the fridge for 2-3 days you can keep your cake, that’s what I did.

For the icing ingredients:

600 gr. cream

450 GR. bitter couverture (chocolate)

Chop chocolate into small pieces and then party party I’m Kiyali in our Rondo. We put the cream in a pot and add chocolate into it. Let sit on low heat the heat to the ground. Let melt the chocolate while stirring frequently. When the chocolate melts completely, take from the fire and is in another container. We wait for them to come to room temperature before, then shut your mouth and pop it in the fridge. We’re going to do the cake with a mixer until stiff and when you pull out the clap, too! Let’s be careful not to mix too much because it can be separated from the oil.

Split sponge cake to us three times on one side, cream on the face after applying a toothpick through each floor like in the picture I fall in the same places so we can turn it off by bringing the cake. Each solid milk and cream to soak in, let into, let’s do what we want with additional material. On the first floor, banana and pistachio, banana and Chocolate Drops I put on the second floor. Remaining at the top of our cupcakes with the cream rinse it let. In this way, in the closet waiting for a night, and sit stiff icing for coating the cake and the taste will become.

I made sheets to cover the cake and decorate sugar dough Marshmellow 1,5 kilograms. For a small amount of dough I’ve colored figures. 1 cup water 1 egg white for the effect and to close, I made royal icing stir together powdered sugar. I’ve colored with a little blue food coloring. Grass brush for the image of the top of the cake by sprinkling a thin honey syrup with pistachio nuts I glued. You can find below detailed pictures of the construction of the cake.

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