Wheat with yogurt soup


Was searched every day for soup here in the winter. This soup is one of the very popular soups in our house. This soup I learned from my husband’s parents. They’re bringing them me the broken wheat. Yes this is a good soup made with cracked wheat. Broken wheat is not sold in markets, but I heard that was sold in some markets. I think the soup is more beneficial from a classical plateau.

500 gr. yogurt
4 tablespoons cracked wheat

1 egg

mint, red pepper flakesPreparation:
Yogurt, eggs and wheat are pounded together by adding water. In this manner, waits for a cooking time if it works better for soft wheat. On January stirring is cooked.
When it boils, salt is added and January are extinguished. Mint, red pepper flakes added. heated butter drizzle.

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