Weekend Breakfast – ..

This past weekend on my mind for a long time, never invited to breakfast with a group of friends a second chance. I got it a good opportunity, and we are toplasmis a good thing. For some reason I didn’t expect to go so well :).. we ate and drank we had a very nice day. We should deepen the interviews that, of course, we all thought. You’re postponing the day that we put on 🙂

I think to call what I’m gonna do as soon as it was obvious. However, I always think more,I’d move. Khadijah was the fact that I was more comfortable when endisendirmeli orange tree comes to me for some reason 🙂 I think this intimacy.
The Orange Tree, taste the food , hobiriks, industrious mother and tsm meet.
We had a table. More I can’t.

In the menu ;

– Breakfast

– Bacon,cheddar pancakes with beading

– Semizotlu bulgurlu salad

– Pastry dish and ricotta salad

– A cold salad ( with red pepper wrapped frying)

– 3 Relief dusty bun

– Peanut butter cookies ( baked Stone was more)

– Chocolate Chip Cookies ( in the morning I did this right)

– Mer Cheesecake

Stacking a ham and cheese crepes (I made that name up) made between them individually pancakes and cheddar-bacon, and put it in the oven and pour a little cream on top of granting you a flavor. It was sort of eating children fondly. It’s a recipe from my sister, Crescent.

In a bowl, mix the ricotta brought the salad Melda. I think it is a very good recipe for breakfast.

We use the pastries in the oven, frying it, you can too.

These muffins from my sister Emel. They came hot. They seemed to miss.

Beech validem I made from yesterday. A hot, delicious pastry. It’s very easy.

I’ll give you the recipe and then I immediately forget.

3 dusty bun baking


– 1 and half cup vegetable oil

– 1 and half cup yogurt

– 3 baking powder

– salt

– 2 eggs ( one yolk will be driven out)

– flour.

Hand mix the ingredients and non-sticky but soft dough is achieved. turn off the oven and put the cheese into walnut size pieces and we’re putting it in the tray. And we’re baking in a hot oven until golden brown.

If you want Olive,you can put in potato or meat.

This cold salad. Fried eggplant,potatoes and carrots, red peppers, a recipe that is formed by winding. Out of hope basket.

Desserts I didn’t.

That’s it. Have come and gone. In Addition.. We Are Waiting For Khadijah. 🙂

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