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In this way, cut a cake and furnished, stood scratching at the corner of my mind since I saw in one of cook books. Can handle it I wonder how I got the image I wanted to be when you say original almost. Actually, it kind of estranged friends could perform for themselves, my intention is to create a new alternative with a sponge. It’s a very easy way to do it, and my cake puffed up to the floor I’m going to split, How, etc does not say. The material consists of a sponge cake recipe and the amount I have in my head totally. This combination of orange and chocolate cake that I had in mind when I start, and I set my recipe accordingly.

Materials-Sponge Cake:

4 eggs-at room temperature

1 cup granulated sugar

1.5 cups flour

2 tablespoons cocoa

Half cup vegetable oil

A half cup yogurt

Half cup orange juice

Shell 1 orange grated

Dough 1 package baking powder

Add 1 package chopped walnuts


2 powder packet whipped cream-1.5 cups milk whisked with cold and kept in the fridge will be
2 tablespoons cocoa
Any materials that you desire to decorate

Is heated to 180 degrees oven. 4 are thoroughly mixed in a bowl eggs and sugar. (The sugar have melted and the mixture the mixture should be foamy.) Into oil and added to the yogurt, whisk again. Flour and baking soda, cocoa and sugar with the vanillin is added to the dough after the match. Together again. Add orange juice and peel and whisk the latest shell. Spread out wax paper, and poured into a large baking tray, the dough equally each corner of the tray is provided. Warmed in the oven is cooked.

Another deducted a baking tray with wax paper and put it on the counter, and sprinkled powdered sugar all over. The cooked hot cake wax paper in reverse when the other closes. In this manner, are supposed to cool down for about 45 minutes, then the wax paper on the cake is siyirili.

To make the cake, either The Circle or we need to clamp the mold. You can make this sponge cake using a cake mold from 20-22 CM. The one I used 20 cm, back I grew a little wet. After selecting the pattern we are to shape the cake, the height is measured with the help of a tape measure. The result is half a cm. short, wide, longitudinal pieces cut from sponge cake. For example, my pattern, my height was 6 cm, the width of the cut 5.5 inches.di. Patterns flat under wax paper and put the prepared pans with a portable carton, plate, etc is placed. The parts are mapped to the first pattern. Coating is not sufficient if one piece of the inner circumference, are a continuation of appropriate size.

Bon Appetit!

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