Valentine Cookies #recipes

All lovers and lovers VALENTINE’S DAY happy..

Now I’m love for the first time is the most ruthless of desperation where I have indefinable fears. Tired of sleepless nights, believe you in the morning, and I’m running towards you with fear again. My thoughts always the same question: Either I like? Scares me to think what could have happened then. Be eaten for the first time, I understand that. Confident in front of me, your eyes, your lips, your hands … all of that. I curse before I met you all last year. Previously, I never knew the name thousands of times now, repeating my lips. I’m happy to seyrederce a table filled with the day’s enthusiasm. An old Greek statue, the dying of the day, you fascinate me with the beauty of negative. I have a weakness when worn on my eyes I think your eyes…then you don’t know that I’m just falling apart….When one looks at the sky and how this infinite universe, a small and helpless creature that she understands; her beauty makes me think the same thing. In blue is the day’s day’s day’s in the Red Land I live in with you. Every word from your lips, is growing their participation in a single stone inside. In my ears wherever I go semi-dark, boyish voice. Then your own unique scent; most of those scents cildirtti.isi most kahredici… and your eyes; eyes that I could see on a dark night of the series brings sadness, all I could hear say you love me. I’m getting closer and moving away. The worst part is, I’m afraid to turn their backs closer. Maybe never tell you I loved you I couldn’t. What you, what you to someone else. Suppose, I can’t even tell myself most of the time. Like I said once, everything will be over and it sounds like you’re bozuluverece this unique magic. A person deceive himself, and you know how hard it is. This love, underneath the fear is actually very loving to know, but I can’t explain. I guess it wasn’t our main fear to love….We loved fear of not being hiding behind him…..Small aldanma ourselves with is trying to hit a stalemate, we fell in Are you looking for a consolation. Maybe the same fears we have each other we don’t know. Love…. As you can love…. In anything, without a care, ignoring all the darkness I love…..To keep it from the hands to dig, places to go. You make it there all the time, you live and where you are even with you, not without you… then I can’t be without you, not being able to tell you that I can’t. Who you love know that you love, so very much loved, and they loved it too. Always love you can’t describe it with certain words. Many times is enough…no force on Earth will stop liking you for an overview. Most of the time is to have love. I’m in now and I’m exercising my right to love you. Even you can’t resist. . You’re nothing more than there are now. I’m like the absence or presence to sip.I’m with you, I’ll be there with you….


  • 4 cups flour
  • 125 g margarine
  • 1 cup granulated sugar
  • 1 cup powdered sugar
  • 1 package of vanilla
  • 1 cup orange juice
  • 1 orange grated
  • With the tip of 1 teaspoon red food coloring


All the ingredients are mixed to the consistency of the dough in the refrigerator the mixture is obtained earlobe and rested for 1 hour. Divide dough in half and red food coloring are added and thoroughly mixed one. With the help of the dough roller it opens the way that it won’t be very thin, heart-shaped shapes with cookie molds are removed. Cooked at 180 degrees without drying out. Are decorated according to their wishes. Bon Appetit.

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