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Tea, cola, fruit juice, etc next to get something to drink if you are one of those who, like me, you are constantly trying to… and Salty Cookies Cookies and muffins so far, I had to try. A lot of my archive and the results there has been an accumulation of pictures of the construction phase. But as I wrote in the top right corner and cower in me, while the recipe I’ll put up an example I’m saving it for my blog… pictures :)) from this experiment among them is definitely worth doing myself again here… you’re watching ones already so I’ll stubbornly make up my lab experiment I recently I took a dough. My test-tube three-to five so I filled it from him, of course, in the meantime, take note of the measurement and from ederek; yoghurt, I cut it in half and cooked in two different styles. This time we can not get enough to eat really salty, I’ve got two varieties. Of course, the dough, not the sex stuff, it’s not the usual pastry, etc., without giving my secret alone I can’t put a grocery store in the bread aisle is located in the salt on the cake “contents” part, I recorded it on my phone and I did add a little bit at home. Mmmm do not say, but the package that we didn’t put it on what side you’re on!!!! 😉

For The Main Dough:

1 package (250g) softened butter at room temperature – margarine, but butter tastes, aromas and health unfortunately not margarine. If you’re a kind of person like me replicates the cost, pastry, tansas, Migros etc for brand brand or take what is the market as their production. Certain to have been built and where both economic. 😉

1 tablespoon powdered sugar
1 egg – whites into the yolks
2,5 cups flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
2 heaping tablespoons yogurt
2 tablespoons water
1.5 tsp of salt.

We thoroughly knead the dough and split in half. (You can make any recipe that you select from the pane alone. ) In the closet with the help of a piece than a piece of toast half a cm thick roller and cut it open with a little cookie molds. Knead the dough again and cut the remaining parts and open it again I say we go until we finish with this process. Greased or wax paper spread out, let our tray and spaced them according to our desires and put on a thin egg yolks, sesame seeds, poppy or nigella seeds to decorate with beads. To 165 degrees and bake for approximately 20-25 minutes in the preheated oven until the tops are a light golden colour.

With olives and cheese Crispy Pancakes

Main dough to the remaining half of our material and seeds removed and sliced half cup crumbled feta cheese 3-4 tablespoons black olives(sliced or sold them) put. I’m yogurali the dough again. I say cut off the pieces of a large walnut and roll it with our hands. Our fleet of an oven tray with the remaining egg yolks over them, put the oven to 165 degrees and cook until golden brown on we again. Sure cool, even you will not be able to wait!
Bon Appetit!

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