Two-color recipe The Cheesecake was awaiting the publication of the next blog for a very long time, finally meet with readers….
Followers of my blog I am known for my love of cheesecake, with many different flavors(real fruit) in different ways, I’ve tried a flavor. They say nice what I’m doing:)

Earlier cheesecake you can access the file from the link to my cheesecake recipe.) I did stay with the two sides of a heart-shaped muffin molds in different atoms in the same way that I had prepared. For a different view this time, most of you know, I used zebra cake form. This cake is chocolate cake with a round mold or tray, mix the cream obtained with the addition of a zebra takes its name from view loss. Also I love chocolate cheesecake, I decided to do it this way because I found too heavy.

When preparing the recipe, I had doubts that the image would be like, but I like the result. The preparation phase although it gives a bit of a drag, if you want to do something special with this recipe you can try. Our recipe is as follows;


-600 gr. cream cheese
– 1 cup granulated sugar
-3 teaspoons cornstarch
-4 eggs
-1 package of cream (200 ml)
Couverture dark chocolate -150 gr
– 1 tsp cocoa
-1 teaspoon vanilla extract
-1,5 packet of oatmeal biscuits (240 gr)
-100 gr butter


First, we are preparing a biscuit base for the cheesecake. In a food processor crumb the biscuits and mix thoroughly with the melted butter we are making or beating. The edges of the mold with the help of brush put, we can put baking paper on the base. Biscuit mix to the base of the cake pan clear, we’re pushing on each side at equal height and putting it in the fridge, we’re good.
Our cream cheese in a mixing bowl, add the corn starch and powdered sugar with Mixer and slowly we bring the consistency of a thick cream. The eggs one by one, crashing into the mixture, continue whisking. What we need to pay attention at this stage, the eggs to mix too much, otherwise the top of our cake cracks during baking may occur. Finally, we divide by 2 and add the cream mixture after mixing the mixture. Add cocoa and melted dark chocolate into half the same way we Our we, we are try to mix too much and turning them into a homogeneous mixture. Handcuffed master before the turn onto the base biscuit with vanilla, then chocolate mixture and pour 1 big spoon of the mixture until including until the end of our we continue. Mix all in the order the pattern and then writing the Pre-that we have brought to a temperature of 175 degrees and cook until about 10 minutes in the oven, after 10 minutes are up, we’re dropping the oven temperature to 90 degrees, and continue cooking at low heat for 60-70 minutes about this. If it is not wet or shiny in the middle of the cake is cooked. When it comes to our cheesecake and put it in the fridge the room temperature we’re holding a night without closing the top. Bon Appetit…

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