Tricks of applying eyeliner

If you say “I have a hard time driving Eyeliner, I can not make the cat eye makeup I want,” this article is for you! We have put together the most practical and easy ways to apply eyeliner.

eyeliner 1
When women leave the house every morning, they take extra time to wear eyeliner. Eyeliner has a special importance for them, but it is not always possible to pry the eyeliner practical and easy. Applying these little tricks can give you both time and a flawless look.
With the help of a tape, leave a linear gap between your lashes and stick the tape over your eyelids. Now all you have to do is apply the eyeliner to this empty space. You can drive with the help of eyeliner apparatus as in the template.
eyeliner 2
A tablespoon to use can help you apply a perfect eyeliner.
eyeliner 3
Warm your eyeliner a little over the fire. Apply your pencil to your eyelash curling device and apply it as shown.
eyeliner 4
When you press your hand on your eyelid, make your lashes curl upwards. Perform the operation with an eyeliner brush.
eyeliner 5

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