Top pie, Sencer birthday party for Jasmine’s son a few months ago from now was one of the dishes. How to make spring rolls has been a matter for all of us, and do some research, the “Golden Ball” and “pie ball” is known with the name, I got the recipe for this pie. The important part of the recipe, which is published in the Journal of tableware, giving the shape of a pie and the pastry, easing it out of the interior with the material that you want that we can do a delicious pie. The meat we eat was US. I chose to make cheese. The ravioli is also another daughter who is Elif Su’s birthday party I took her to our next meeting. Options in addition to ground meat and cheese, potato, spinach, and eggplant as it can be made with these materials can be made by mixing ground meat and potato, cheddar-potato, spinach-like cheese.

In the photo above is prepared by Esra, Elif and lace are part of the table the concept of our Dora loves him. This table looks very elegant with lace and pearl beads to give you the idea I share.

Ingredients: (for 24 pies)

– 3 pieces of filo pastry

– 200 ml cream (1 box)


– 2 eggs

– 1 cup breadcrumbs


– 400 g white cheese

– 6-7 sprigs finely chopped parsley


Driving without anything between them by laying them on top of individual pastry our opening, we’re on the pastry cream and brush the top with the help of a packet we’re driving. After waiting for a few minutes to soften the pastry, first we’re going to cut our pastry into 4 equal parts. 6 again we’re cutting to slice each section also. Long, thin triangular pieces. On the wide side of each triangle, we crushed parsley 1 teaspoon of the cheese we added US and we’re putting up. By closing the edges of the soft zone, we turn and we obtain a round ball. After you have all the thin layers of dough prepared in this way, we leave to rest. (The trick to pie, resting a few hours after preparation, in this process, is getting pulled into the pastry cream. I kept waiting for 1 day, the next day, the bread crumbs, in the egg mixture, I smeared it. Even the first time I made the Pies in the freezer and after a week I put it off when it’s frozen in the state the egg, bread crumbs and baked.) Then, before each ball into beaten eggs, then into bread crumbs) and we’re laying them out on wax paper spread out on a baking sheet. A preheated 180 degree oven for 40-45 minutes until golden brown on the tops of our pies we’re baking. Bon Appetit…

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