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Poppy seed nut muffin

Sweet poppy seed muffin ingredients for dough nut 💙💙

Water cups warm milk half a litre of water …1 hr …

40 grams of fresh yeast … one half a cup of cream half a cup of flour …butter …sugar mixture ingredients for the poppy seed 💙 .. ….1 cup powdered sugar cup sunflower oil 2 cups of yellow popping

(( This mix a good whisk to mix or more precisely )) 💙made with powdered sugar to drizzle On …

..a cup of roasted and extruded nuts. 💙tbsp granulated sugar 3 eggs 3 tablespoons cream, 150 grams of materials ..for sunflower oil (all the ingredients thoroughly in a bowl are unbeaten))) we are preparing our dough Molder 💙 a very, very soft dough and leave to rest for about half an hour we turn off on the counter, we’re rubbing a little oil on thoroughly mayalansi sunflower oil.

We divide it into 3 parts poppy seed mixture on the dough evenly put it on top of it again and we’re driving from we’re opening up all three, and yes, hazelnuts and sprinkle with powdered sugar drizzle to close again you know .

We do roll our the dough on the tray and we cut our listing we are doing rula. What we’re driving on our egg mixture poured onto it flapped from the sunflower seed and sprinkle plenty baking in the oven at 190 degrees we’re very upset, I suggest you listen to fluffy fluffy a yummy muffin.

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