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We spent the holiday behind us and the holidays near Gallipoli, the greatest benefit to me has been about updating my blog. Waiting a few recipes, as well as in the past, I had the opportunity to make regulations that was written in some recipes.

Holiday dessert I made as I shared in my Instagram account to nevzi, are in the majority when those who want to describe it, my very favorite dessert recipe to share for the occasion.

While making the dessert I remembered old on Christmas morning. After the family breakfast, my mom also drank buttermilk and pecan baklava accompanied by our guests from the holiday coffee, chocolate, and sweet sugar with buttermilk, except the boys were heavy. It sounds strange to some of you I’m sure familiar to some of you, but try and those lovers of different tastes (sweet-sour) buttermilk and baklava duo can try, but homemade pecan baklava with my advice you will eat. Of course, baklava laborious and time he wants to nevzi I was looking for an excuse to do. Feast-worthy dessert was delicious and different. Tahini and molasses on the flavor of the Walnut syrup recipe you can try searching again with a different climate.

Very sweet nevzi our old one, owned in Kayseri cuisine, tahini and coconut in, as well as abundant butter, olive oil there. In these circumstances, emerges a delicious dessert, while the formerly precious sugar syrup, honey and/or molasses it was made with, by the time sugar produced in the country when it comes to making sugar syrup and molasses is accessible to all and it’s made with just recipes is also available made with sugar, but definitely reduce the sugar and I’m adding molasses to get close to the original. Make a syrup sweetened with honey and molasses with the addition of again nice describe.



– 200 g) butter at room temperature

– 1 cup of oil(olive or peanut oil)

– 1 cup mixture of milk and yogurt ( half and half)

– 1 cup tahini

– 1 cup large walnut light

– 6 cups flour

– 1 packet of baking powder

– Over pieces 6-7 whole walnuts

For syrup:

– 2,5 cups sugar – 2 cups water

– 1 teaspoon lemon juice

– 1 cup molasses


Sweet dough before, we’ll prepare the syrup and leave to cool. We are deep in a pot take sugar and water and boiling on the stove. A low boil for 7-8 minutes, then add the lemon juice and we’re shutting down the stove. As it warms a bit, we’ll add the syrup and leave to cool.

For the dough, butter, oil, tahini and yoghurt-milk mixture in a large bowl and mix, then slowly we are adding to our reputation. 2 cups flour, then the baking powder, 4. cup flour, then walnuts, we are adding in. Also we’re feeding the dough in the remaining flour, and the cookie dough is a stiffer dough we are preparing. We’re putting our dough by pressing lightly oil tray will cook syrup. Formerly the builders nevzi, I called to nevzi. Slice dough evenly over the tray our press the way we want we can. I cut a slice of baklava, but you can either cut square or rectangular. Then place on slices and walnuts ( lightly) in advance heard, we’re baking bake at 180 for 50-60 minutes until lightly browned Creek. Remove from the oven and pour the juices as soon as the first temperature, for 2-3 hours to get to we’re resting. Bon Appetit.

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