Tiramisu #recipes

I tried tiramisu cake recipes without hesitation vanishing lady in Baton fondly from:

One kedidili 15-16 biscuits
1 tablespoon instant coffee,
1 cup of warm water
2 cups milk,
2 tbsp. flour,
1 egg yolk,
4 tablespoons granulated sugar,
1 package vanilla
200 gr. labne cheese,
cocoa to sprinkle on top.

Preparation:Milk, flour, mix the egg yolks and granulated sugar to the consistency of pudding and is cooked. Add cheese and whisk the vanilla into the cheese for 5 minutes. The cake is left. Nescafe dissolved in 1 cup warm water, and sugar if desired too can join.

Baton cake mould is coated with stretch film. A thin layer of custard into the mold, there might be. 7-8 biscuits in water before it becomes soaked and very soft kedidili nescafeli was placed over the custard. Over half of them are coated with the custard. Also the remaining custard and soaked in water was placed over the first and second nescafeli Felidae. The remaining custard is poured onto them. Tiramisu overnight in the fridge let it stand. When service will be performed, is inverted onto a plate of tiramisu, stretch film is taken. With the help of the filter on, sprinkled with cocoa.

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