The Red Table – ..

Black tablecloths appetite so that shuts a Dec comments we have received. πŸ™‚ This time we made red. Appetite open up , the better so you’re all beat πŸ™‚
Our friends didn’t get up from the table and say our favorite breakfast with long hours.Too early, too a full breakfast turns into brunch could be collected. Both breakfast and stuff.. when it’s already E
I think that I love my table for the napkins have a picnic. I’ve had some issues with me, but I think they left happy dimii girls…?? πŸ™‚

Menu were as follows:
– Mushroom and onion tart
– Salt cake
Soda Opening
– Salad With Olives
– Beet salad
– Carrot Cezerye
– Crispy Baklava
– Chocolate Cupcake

I recommend mushroom weighing. A very nice alternative for breakfast.
It would be better if you had a picture, but we couldn’t get from Macy’s..

Mushroom And Onion Tart

– Puff pastry
– Mushroom
– 4 onion
– cream
– Salam
– cheddar

Napoleons bakery is placed in the bottom of the container. Half-moon-shaped cut onion sautΓ©. added the mushrooms into the pan and a little more is returned. Long salami is cut. Napoleons is poured on. after the cream is added, Put the shredded cheese on top after we give it in the oven. We eat fried to eat.
What is it like puff pastry that normally weigh in. It could even be it’s so much better.

We can say that beet goes to. A nice alternative for breakfast. Get the recipe here ; a slice with a pinch of

Get the cupcake recipe
Cream get to work.
I would like to thank those who contributed to this occasion πŸ™‚

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