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Density the blog again, because minor ailments travel and two remained silent. But a very nice recipe I made for the return trip. First baked in the pudding…

I think for not liking fried cheese, the more flavor that we prefer to eat outside we can do both at home with a different view there is a recipe on the blog today. Made with filo pastry fried in oil and usually one we are familiar with. My recipe kadayif pastry and pies baking in the oven instead of with our we are preparing. 8 recipes blog for a long time forming. age who took part in our celebration of the date of the menu, recipe follows;

Ingredients: (25 pies)

– 500 gr kadayıf

– 200 gr butter

– Cemensiz 150 GR bacon (finely chopped)

– 250 g cheese (grated)

– 3 Yesil pepper

– 1 red pepper

– 2 tomatoes

– 2 tablespoons olive oil

– 1 egg

– 1 cup milk


Primarily we are preparing the stuffing of fried cheese. Our chili burn a bit of olive oil and finely chopped Yesil for this, we add the chopped red pepper. We have added the peppers to burn a little bacon. Then peel back with your fax, we add our tomatoes that we chopped. Our materials together for cooking, as the water retreated, we’ll take it from the stove and leave to cool by adding less salt. During this time our eggs and our milk and melt butter and add our and we look forward to chill for a bit after mixing, we received our pudding we’re going to pour over a deep bowl, with our hands without letting the disintegration of pudding and we make sure that it is very to interfere with each other. When it gets a mild domestic duties, and take a piece of dough into an Oval spreading like avucum your pudding in a way, we’re putting a teaspoon of the bacon mixture and put it against the part before and the three cheese grater, wrap fees, we make sure that is closed up with cakes. Leaf rolls or egg rolls you can think of as wrapping the winding process. All of our pudding is prepared in the same manner after our fleet of the tray in the preheated oven until golden brown at 200 degrees and we’re baking. Bon Appetit…

Note: the same mortar by preparing pie pastry instead of phyllo, you can use if you wish and if you wish, you can roast in the oil. If you fry it in oil if you will need to thoroughly reduce the amount of fat you put into it.

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