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Wishing my speed to keep updating the blog, the blog I’m sharing a spicy recipe for postpartum located before a different and more syrup. Postpartum Syrup is there a specific reason to write today, dear friend Selen this is Week 2. wait to have her baby, the postpartum her juices boil. We describe this recipe I used for my birth, and also last year Sofra Magazine “Birthday Traditions” we are involved with the topic of rain February 2012 issue have been released.

Before proceeding with the recipe, it I wrote the recipe 5 years ago also I want to tell you that I wrote about the traditional features. Postpartum syrup, for a new born baby eyes cool a beverage that is offered for those that come to visit mom at the same time because of the spices inside milk enhancer feature strengthens the immune system. When performing service on the grout, which can be served as hot or cold, (including almonds more commonly) forged or slivered almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts are sprinkled. Formerly guests from outside the home, were sent to the homes of relatives and acquaintances. Batt also served with red syrup in the pitcher where they are, connecting the context of the cheesecloth-where to cover if the baby is female, the male part of the throat would have been, today, these pieces, the jug is implemented by connecting a ribbon in pink or blue. Biscuits were also served with a sweet syrup. My birth and my syrup under the recipe here the letters of the name of my daughter of the rain we were offered the Salty Cookies.

The basic ingredients of grout postpartum cinnamon, cloves, sugar, water and glucose postpartum called postpartum measles spice recipe my sugar syrup is used where the procedure of the house more, read on for our recipe.

Ingredients (serves 15-20 people)

– 3 pieces cinnamon stick
– 12 cloves
– 3 ginger root
– 2 galangal root
– 2 turmeric root
– 2 nutmeg
– 5-6 pepper
– 5-6 allspice
– A matchbox-sized sugar measles
– 1 cup granulated sugar
– 2 liters of water
– Almond beaten for service


Whole spices powder is the way to go, after washing, by connecting a piece of cheesecloth, and throw them into a deep saucepan for 30-40 minutes in 2 liters of water we are boiling. Then we have measles the powdered sugar and added sugar. Sugar melts when we’re getting we’re taking from the stove and the spices. Pieces of grout had escaped our spices, if we’re looking at. Postpartum syrup, hot or cold, it’s served with almonds beaten. Bon Appetit…

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