The Potato Salad The Most Elegant Posture Of The 3-Color Salad #recipes

Ambitions made a splash since it was described most of my baby shower. Behold, it’s actually a known recipe, but have changed shape quite a compliment gets.Can I try I don’t know, ambitions, of the gift they are. Needless to say that my dear friend is now a cooking teacher in ismek in ambitions 🙂
Ambitions these days is looking for a baby born. Have a very sweet girl Mashallah. I hope that will give you place here also the decorations of the hospital room.

The material in the recipe,pieces no. I’m giving you to consider. Tells even as I’m writing 🙂 I hope that is understood.

Are boiled potatoes, as many as you want. Crushed and roasted onions in the pan with a little bit is returned.
The little carrots in a separate pan, saute the onions until tender of yeast also.
Pickled beets is expected to be filtered by the grating.
With the help of a small circle (that you can find places that sell cake supplies) before the beetroot carrot potato mixture on top then to the bottom again then the potato mixture and are arranged in a row. Yogurt,garlic and salt in a tightening preferably bag-shaped in a manner that is tightened.
The tiny carrots to carrots also boil and mash them a little on the side baby carrots and parsley leaf are placed on The Shape of given bass.

It will be a very stylish choice for that special occasion. Good luck..

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