The Post Festive After The Holidays – ..

Mary succumbed to her threats and I’m writing this post it was 🙂 I’ll throw the latest from your blog I looked said, something I didn’t write I’d still like to talk . Now it’s been 17 hours:18 . 20:00 around, my next guest in the middle there’s nothing and the post I’m writing . Well, good for me .

I’ll start my words of the past the feast celebrating everyone, and I’ll continue with my preparations for the holiday . We went to kiss the hand every cookie I took home this holiday . Dry baklava and fig cookies was a favorite on the recommendation of the pleasure of dining . Both measure 5 or I guess I did something . I sup from and placing them on a tray and wrapped tantitoni Mudo. Thus, both the gift of my elders I was to have a cookie of the plate 🙂

It’s a little to turn my hand Real dry baklava 🙂

We took them from our hand, we gave our little so, what’s kissing ? A handkerchief from the old ways including pocket money : )

The girls are flowering ,

Men with shit ,

Go now dear friend and my guests Khadija’ s great new book from a cake I’ll make . I wish the book had plenty of the best and bilvesile charter .

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