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On my blog Dec and returning after most of the awards I have ever received I was jealous. It comes as a cruel word, maybe jealous, but, I thought I was forgotten, I had also extreme envy those who refuse to be forgotten. Blog a blog, even entangled, I wonder if I can catch one that I haven’t seen my name I’ve called. The last two post and I’m getting the rewards now, my dear blog friends, my children as I have you. May sound like a very simple thing to you maybe, but for me, one of the resources vital to taking place in someone’s mind. The comments I received from you guys, e-mails, I’m answering and reading questions. Virtual, although it seems to me, according to the non-virtual communication, I love it.

Dear time in the kitchen, sergul to Another, Seray, the spells, the ladies and ladies I thank you very much Hadiye Sprout. Cheat a little and taking the name without my blog I’d like to send to all of my friends are also wonderful rewards.

Meanwhile, in the last years, never realizing that not this year, thanks to the valuable comments of the beloved silk Aral kisioglu I attended an event that I am aware of: Blog Awards 2009. Friendship is a competition that is won’s plenty of hope. Already nerve-wracking, it’s voting to win the excitement makes my stomach hurt very already in the queue 🙂

This has nothing to do with the subject of decoration subject, I won’t try to connect. Since this idea came to my mind for my son’s birthday, I tried 3 tray 1 bowl cooked meringue batter cloth and when it’s not in the trash they went. I have tried different recipes I found on the web is not melted and the sugar is one of the meringues was very lumpy, one in each one of the dough while too widespread. Also the ghosts in their eyes and pop out looking like a zombie one so I blew in today. Eventually with perseverance, in my childhood how my mother if she did, I decided to try her, victory was mine. I wish go to adventure from the start.

3 egg whites
1 cup granulated sugar

Chocolate Drops for the eyes
Tightening bag
Oven heated to 90 degrees.

Carefully separate the yolk from the eggs, the cumulative even the tip of the needle should not be involved. The current profit for about 7-8 minutes until it becomes clap! When it’s the egg whites stiff and white, a hand continued to clap, while also add 2 tablespoons into the powdered sugar at a time, in a way. Little by little we added a little more powdered sugar and stir until the sugar is dissolved add. Continue whisking until all the sugar. Melt the sugar beats and the dough, crimping the dough, fill a bag and flapping it difficult to stop after such time. Let it be the end or a diameter of 1 cm, or put a large round tip.

Wring it out, lay wax paper in a small tray in our apartment, and then squeeze squeeze and let a little more circle times, we continue to come up. That let the bag down gently tightening the jagged parts. After all glands make the eyes with Chocolate Drops. The Chocolate Drops to the right direction, which is they don’t fall off during baking.

Heard in advance, cook it until about an hour in the oven at 90 degrees so that stays white. Check during baking, they will blush.

Bon Appetit!

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