Pumpkin soup the soup taste salty like the rest of us as the ones used to a different flavor. Slightly sweet and very pleasant. There’s a pumpkin soup that I made on the blog than previously. There are slight differences in cooking methods and materials. These slight differences are making great contributions to increase the flavor. The most basic flavor-enhancing materials before firing, definitely will cook this way I suggest. Cook the pumpkin by baking if it is necessarily appropriate for myself now.

We met pumpkin the pumpkin I used was always a different species from helvacı. The shape is like a pear and it was at the beginning of September I brought from the cottage. At the beginning of November and waited until it hardens at room temperature. Frankly, this kind of sounds like to me more resistant.
I did some research, but does not have the specific name of the species, or I have seen it. The last butternut squash I kind of but in English, as you know, translates as pumpkin pumpkin helvacı. Let’s create our recipe.


– 1 pumpkin ( cleaned up version to 1 kg)
– 2 large onions
– 1 carrot 🥕

– 3 tablespoons olive oil
– 3 bay leaves
– Salt, pepper
– 1 grated fresh ginger about the size of a hazelnut
– 1 teaspoon turmeric
– A little grated nutmeg

On top:

– Pumpkin seeds, lightly roasted sesame seeds
– Cream
– Grated Parmesan or old cheddar cheese


Peel the pumpkin seeds after cleaning, chop into large cubes will not touch each other and we’re putting on a baking tray. In the same way after you have prepared carrots and onions, olive oil, salt and pepper, we’re giving a tour of the bay leaves by breaking serpistiriyo we are. Heard in advance, to 200 degrees out of the oven crispy, soft on the inside until we’re baking.

It becomes a little warm and take out of the oven take the pot of bay leaves and other dry our stuff after we take. Ginger, turmeric and nutmeg and add enough water to cover and cook it until it boils, add the we do. If you wish meat, chicken or vegetable broth you can use.

When all the ingredients soften and mixture boils, take from the stove and a blender to puree the soup through a dense we are getting. Adjust the consistency by adding boiled water according to the density of your favorite soup, you can add 2-3 tablespoons of cream if you wish. After boiling for 1-2 minutes our soup is ready, put them in a bowl and pumpkin seeds, roasted sesame seeds dusted as we serve into each bowl if you wish, you can dispense 1 to 2 teaspoons cream. An intense flavored cheeses very well for this soup, I recommend the shredded Parmesan cheese and old. In the service I added the Parmesan in the house, but I forgot to take a photo:) enjoy…

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