The Day Of Ashura – ..

Thankfully, we have access to such a beautiful day. And hopefully we’ll appreciate it.

On the day of Ashura prophet of Allah Almighty to have bestowed ten different and offer the front. .It is stated to tell you these refreshments ;and
1. Allah, The Prophet. Moses (a.s.) Have bestowed a miracle on the day of Ashura, he is buried Pharaoh and his army in the waters through the sea.
2. Hz. Noah.s.) the ship anchored on Mount Judi on the day of Ashura.
3. Hz. Yunus (a.s.) the day of Ashura in the belly of the fish survived.
4. Hz. Adam (a.s.) on the day of Ashura repentance was accepted.
5. Hz. Joseph from the well where his brothers threw him on the day of Ashura were removed.
6. Hz. Jesus (PBUH) and on that day came into the world on that day has been raised to the heavens.
7. Hz. The star of David (a.s.) on the day that repentance was accepted.
8. Hz. Prophet Ibrahim (a.s.) his son, Jesus. That day, Ismail was born.
9. Hz. Jacob (a.s.) his son, Jesus.Joseph was born on that day because of the longing of closed eyes.
10. Hz. Ayyub (a.s.) this is demonstrated by healing on that day.

We, as much as we can on the basis of grace that our neighbor,our relative offerings if we make the meaning of the day our children will reflect our environment I think is very good. And of course also the reward of fasting for these days goes at the very source.
In the words of the prophet) says;
_ Keep fasting in the month of Muharram. Verily, Allah is the month of. There is such a day in it, God accepted the repentance of the people in those days, and on that day people can forgive another”

Asure I’m trying to do every year. If you meant this year I’ll do it.
But I’ll direct you to someone who can offer you now. The meth tasted e Asure wouldn’t be without one this year. Orange Tree thank you very much miss and miss to chat Ashura..

And, of course, where you can have an idea about how to decorate your Asure, please Red to the mat.. 🙂

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