The Breakfast Table With Butterflies I – ..

We all have the same question, isn’t it? “What do I do” after you find the answer to the question, with a few planning, we are able to go to a solution. Guest you are always skipping a step in advance. What to do before you think something in my head or I’ll do a little surfing on the internet. Let’s see what I do three-five I decided to. I tell a mom. I’ll talk with are already prior ablam. A list of the cuts is not enough… but my last AA mother is a karalanir dersee additions written back 🙂
Post-the kitchen after shopping.. 🙂
Preparing meals in the evening and not necessarily 🙂 I don’t feel comfortable if you prepare like 6-7 I wake up.. 🙂
Anyway, let’s move on to our table. I wouldn’t be able to add photos in a few days I couldn’t share the table. I wrote others, like the butterfly, but I like this tablecloth with butterflies. 🙂

Menu were as follows:

– Breakfast

– Egg maydonozlu

– Pide With Minced Meat

– Baked potato

– With olive oil stuffed

– Flavored Olive Oil

– The bread that my friend brought miss

As a dessert
– Quince
Dry baklava
– Tiramisu had.

I’ll tell you no lies ” the most beautiful of the table, I think that my friend brought with the bread was olive oil flavored. Breakfast will be in our corner every now flavored olive oil as well. Taste , tattirin…
The recipe in the next post..
Today I went in and a delicious supper of Tugba birdahaki also.. 🙂

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