That puppy I am. – ..

I don’t write again for a long time, even after the marriage that does not receive the necessary attention to the site on the street are starting to turn, I Gossip too 🙂 I want to specify that you have been wondering, I’m thinking primarily good . The most beautiful feeling I have ever experienced in my life and I came here to write something to share with you .

To this day , son , brother, nephew , aunt , friend , friend, and wife I am … all of these emotions from each other was private and beautiful. But now I’m having the best of emotions , now “mother” Yim ! I’m having confused feelings since the first day I learned of its existence, to be sure, I tested 3 days in a row . I still go out and Dra on the ultrasound until I saw the “What if ?” the question was there . Finally came in the size that will appear with the first and the last ultrasound I had the pleasure . Yet a tiny 1.5 mm pup .. he went on a journey to come to the world . Hopefully, with the permission of my Lord’s to him , I can bring the world to properly feed and care .

As you can understand I am confused and very excited .

And now I say, let’s begin all the preparations :))

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