Tangerine Marmalade #recipes

Tangerines bench Sunday also… to get up from this fragrant fruit before the end of the jelly I wanted to try. Previously, he knows those who follow, low-sugar strawberry jam, I made marmalade and plum. For this, the recipe I gave you pectin. That recipe, I mentioned that citrus fruit pectin can also be used in the construction. This marmalade recipe, too, when I saw this on the view from Great Island I decided to try. Without any preliminary, so before you prepare well, you can get this recipe low sugar marmalade. But, preferably the type of Klement, so we need to use fragrant and sweet mandarin. Klement in Turkey, it’s not a rare breed, according to me. But when you are looking for, nevertheless, you can find it in large supermarkets or Sunday looms. I’m ordering organic tangerines and citrus producer from the brain, such Koycegiz in Alpine Pir. The citrus taste reminds me of me of my childhood Brain Alpine products. Fragrant, juicy, they’re all delicious.

How did it taste? how So you kind of Without old, with a pleasant aroma, a little sour jelly. I have liked the taste of it. For me, that can be used in cookies, nice flavor.

Let’s get to the recipe…


450 GR mandarin orange (peeled)- Preferably the type of Klement

3/4 lemon juice

1/3 cup sugar


1. Peel the Tangerines, cut in half horizontally through the middle. If you have, remove seeds.

2. Take a robot cleaned the kitchen and the Mandarin puree.

3. Then, Mandarin puree, and bring to a boil a pot with the lemon juice and sugar. When it starts to boil, the heat thoroughly and cook for half an hour.

4. You can apply this test to determine whether to marmalade. Cooked on a small plate in the freezer for 5 minutes, pour from the marmalade to keep you waiting. If it is flowing from the plate if you keep it as is, if the jelly is cooked.

5. Lime marmalade jar and keep it in the refrigerator and brought to room temperature and make sure you’re in a short time. Because low-sugar jam lifespan isn’t very long, unfortunately.

Bon Appetit!

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