These days I do a lot of my guests a lot, too liking the taste of eating flour cookies are also very good I would like to share a recipe.Those who tried, I’m sure you will appreciate. Enjoy your meal in advance…


250 gr. At room temperature Butter (Margarine)

1 egg

1,5 cup powdered sugar

2 cups starch

1 package baking powder

1 package of vanilla

Slowly add in flour.

To: 200 gr. Plain tahini halva

On top: Powdered sugar


We obtain a dough of the consistency of the earlobe and mix all the ingredients. For stuffing, halva with a fork, crush the nuts a little bigger and put in the middle of the decorations we made and we are closing tightly. We put them on a baking tray of cookies on them and a knife too deep in non-Plus form of cuts and we’re baking. Warm cookie in powdered sugar our carrot to eat while we eat….

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