I have a yummy recipe for you this day.Surely they should try tahini lovers especially.Moreover, it is prepared with fermented batter, then the next day bayatlamiy doesn’t,it gets better.The shape is Beautiful,Cooking is very enjoyable.In short, it’s worth a try.


For the dough:

*2 eggs

*50 grams of melted butter

*Quarter cup granulated sugar

*1/3 cup warm milk

*1 package yeast powder

*Quarter cup of warm water

* ½ Teaspoon salt



*Tahini is enough


*Powdered sugar


1)except for the flour and 3 cups of warm water to the dough as much as necessary take a deep bowl and begin kneading the materials.Very little kneading until you get a dough that sticks on our hands add flour and continue.Cover with a damp cloth over the dough rise in a warm place for 1 hour and we expect it to.

2)decoration rising dough we divide into 9-10.We’re opening in a rectangular shape by sprinkling on a little flour.2tbsp sesame we’re driving and we’re rolling.Sprinkle the walnuts, granulated sugar and we’re good.

3)the long side of the dough-shaped roll and wrap it around.We’re splitting the middle lengthwise.Don’t cut one end.

4)after crossing the two ends over each other the parts we cut, we give shape the bagels.We lay wax paper on a baking sheet, we’re laying them.We are waiting for the arrival of a half-hour yeast.

5)bake in a preheated 180 degree baking and punctual until we’re 25.(I recommend cooking the speed cooking oven may be different because controlled)

Bon Appetit:)

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