Tahini is one of my very favorite flavors, tahini cookies, tahini with molasses cheesecake, hummus, tahini and pumpkin pie tahini from the recipe on the blog which is…. Tahini cake if I did in trips to Ankara last year on one of my days on maternity leave, my childhood friend was one of his specialties for us Schema. The schema also curious like me in the kitchen, one of the delicious hand, relive the days of old when they’re together, as well as spoken about and I got the recipe for this cake recipes. Often I ended up doing this cake I really. To eat the cake because he loves the rain, to increase the nutritional value by reducing the ratio of sugar and/or honey-molasses by making the substitution I’m doing the same recipe. Issue swell a little with the flour, although whole wheat flour, white flour mixed is what I prefer. The brownie recipe that I created for rain 1-2 “kid food” section I plan to add. Our beautiful escort to tea, recipe follows;


– 4 eggs
– 1.5 cups granulated sugar
– 1 cup plain yogurt

– 3/4 cup vegetable oil

– 7 tablespoons tahini

– 1 packet of baking powder

– 1 teaspoon baking soda

– 2,5 cups flour


– 3 tablespoons tahini
– Optional sesame seeds


Until our surging oil and eggs and sugar are unbeaten, we beat the yoghurt and tahini, we add again. Then continue whisking in 3-4 cm pieces and again we are adding to our reputation. Latest put baking powder and salt, and after mixing we are preparing to bake our cake. For cooking a medium-sized mold (like in the photo) or you can choose conventional oven or small patterns like the muffin in the photo. Yagladik we use the baking mold after the mold is easy to remove and a little flour to keep from bulking during enable serpistiriyo we are. Sesame serpistirdik optionally, after we’re clearing our our pattern cake mortar. After the eruption over 3 tablespoons tahini previously heard, we’re baking the oven to 180 degrees for about 45-50 minutes. Bon Appetit…

Note 1: the reversal pattern if you prefer as I do, the part will remain on the reverse side of tahini, driving into the mould of the denominator is not attracting tahini cake during cooking. For this reason, the mold is clamped flat tray or muffin molds or tahini may be preferred to remain on the top surface of the image moire is created.

Note 2: set the oven temperature and cooking times for your oven I recommend baking your own experience. About swell food and extinction poppy cake the toothpick test (toothpick and dip the cakes, once removed, to prevent the dough) may cause the cake to collapse if it’s done early.

Note 3: the nuts are walnuts and this cake also looks very good, and I plan to experiment with boiled chestnuts, the flavor as I think it would be compatible. The color of dark tahini because it’s a cake.

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