Separate the distinct taste of the image on your screens you have a recipe blog in the past month girls Nice Cookie I had prepared for our meeting. The concept took shape and selecting as compatible with the times fall menu for the recipe line cookies, nuts and tahini, and was covered with a buttery dough, with plenty of are disguised as a pumpkin.

When creating a cookie in the sweet part of the menu that I saw on Pinterest and I thought I’d get in pumpkin-shaped bread and biscuits inspired by the idea of sweet and salty made this bread gave. Actually I was going to make pumpkin and pecan cookies, but the pumpkin pavlova dessert table when I put together the tahini and nut becoming the duo to fall again. This is my suggestion, in addition to the classic apple or pear-Chestnut duo you can think of. Very comfortable and delicious cookies and pie dough and the dough is worked, it can be used for the base of the plain.

For the dough:

🍁 400 g butter
🍂 2 eggs
🍁 1/2 cup milk
🍂 1/2 cup yogurt
🍁 1 cup powdered sugar
🍂 1 teaspoon baking powder
🍁 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
🍂 6 cups flour

🍁 1 cup roasted and chunky nut shot
🍂 1 cup tahini
🍁 2 tablespoons granulated sugar

On top:

🍂 30 cloves
🍁 Powdered sugar
🍂 Ip to connect


To prepare the dough mix the flour with the butter at room temperature by adding all the ingredients except the flour in a dough of soft consistency and the pieces we are preparing. (The amount of flour may be a little difference according to the ambient temperature and the density of the fluid. You split up the dough and rounded it should be.)

Roasting hazelnuts in the filling the most the factors that increase the flavors. Even if you use the ready roasted nuts and cook until the smell comes out in January or you’re out of aromalan light oil in the oven, and when cooled, we’re shooting large. Then we bring together the tahini and sugar.

To make the cookies, dough nuts, we open our hands and we take some large pieces, 1 teaspoon of the filling ingredients in the middle and the edges we put on our hands and we’re closing until we take. The job can be keeping hand, but these cute cookies for the image saving process, an IP-based cookie-like balls wrap it around the package and tying a rope tied next to the tray and make slices and drawn portion 8 are arranged. The stem of the pumpkin is on the top of the cookies as if we’re stabbing them with a carnation. Fixing all the dough (I made the autumn part leaf mold to be made while on a night shift rather waking up with the rain, leaves, and presented an invitation on the day in the following way) we’re baking in a preheated oven at 170 degrees for 35-40 minutes. Bon Appetit…

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