Table Of Tugba – ..

Last weekend we went to this table that 1 Week waiting for photos of records. I told him that I would try to add it now, but for diseases. Per computer for long-term I couldn’t even sit. We’re not out of still’s disease. Emre was never right for last 1 month. Dec Dec severe pain I my back to him. And today my mom had surgery. While we wait with excitement for her last week, my uncle suddenly go to the hospital with pain and surgery was the weekend. So, we left that behind and running for about a week. Prayers and healing…

Tugba, sister-in-law Seda’s your sister’s sister-in-law. Birthdays view, the view we loved each other. Hopefully we will continue to come to go to. My turn.. 🙂 (what do I do what I do 🙂

Supper often, the food really was delicious.

In the menu ;

– Apple squash soup

– Falafel platter

– American salad

– Pie

– Baked Potatoes

– Red beans

– Aubergine


Etimek dessert as a dessert in the cube.

Lighting up the candles wouldn’t be without 🙂

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