sweet potato pie – ..

Potato fritters

Potato fritters

Boil 6 potatoes
2 onion
250 grams white cheese
black pepper ,salt
1 and a half tablespoons tomato paste
Ingredients for rides between
2 cups yogurt
half cup sunflower oil
two eggs
Are unbeaten this mixture thoroughly


we are cutting our first potato crust thin strip.
Awful cutting the bark stripped and ground meat that we roast in sunflower oil 2 tablespoons tomato Necip we are added.
Cut your potatoes into pepper mix and added Our kids to the clerk of us we’ll leave it to cool after it cools, we’re breaking up it into our cheese.
I’ve used filo pastry pastry pastry I used ready Biskin tablespoons pour the mixture on a sprouted all over with a brush we’re going to our yogurt we’re driving.
Mortar from a pan and putting on him we drive on the same shape.
We prepared three 2 tablespoons of the potato mixture and roll it put our listing we are doing we are part of the tray. We finished all the sheets and this figure continue.
The remaining yogurt mixture over spilling all over our pasty no way we’re driving .
We’re baking in the oven to 185 degrees sprinkle with sesame seeds.
When it cools, the service we do
Good appetite

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