sweet apple in the microwave #recipes


It’s a very easy dessert. Both easy and is done quickly, which can be considered sweet and harmless… Actually the Apple we know there is sweet you know. After cooking the apples on custard is poured into made. It looks like him. So very different, unheard, so it’s not unusual. I wrote them down to keep them alive:)

How did I do?

Peel the apples and (4 made from apples), apple kernel a baller I was playing the game with the bed. Immediately kararmam apples with lemon to scrub. On it melted butter (1 tablespoon is enough) and put it into a heat resistant bowl with a lid, I applied with a brush. In a separate bowl, 3 tablespoons of honey 1 teaspoon of cinnamon, washed-cleaned a handful of raisins, ¼ teaspoon ginger ¼ teaspoon cloves mix and I filled the cavities of the apples taken. Cover the glass bowl in the microwave on high heat for about 15 minutes and I cooked. When cool, ice with cream (I prefer always Mado ice cream) served.

Baked Rice Pudding

I joined a new blog into the world of the blogger Page “I am intrigued by this recipe for baked rice pudding. It was different than I did. I tried it today. The result: very successful.

Here is the official.

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