I realized a fantastic recipe I came up with a savoury dessert but these days I always the last broadcast.What a sweet image but excellent flavor…

I realized a fantastic recipe I came up with a savoury dessert but these days I always the last broadcast.Excellent image but what a sweet ,the flavor is awesome.I’ll do plenty of in season, especially strawberries.I suggest you try necessarily.Describe ‘Delicious From The Academy.I send my thanks to clean armful.The original recipe was decorated with jelly on top, but my wife (unfortunately)I didn’t use the gel because he didn’t like much.So I’m not in the list of materials.If you want to make jelly-that was very nice– Tasty Arts you can visit.


*500-600 grams strawberries

*2 bananas

*A cat’s tongue biscuits (I used 18 pieces)

*1 egg yolk

*2 tablespoons flour (heaping)

*2 tbsp cornstarch (heaping)

*3/4 cup granulated sugar

*1 lt. milk

*1 package of vanilla

*2 tablespoons margarine

*1 Box (200 grams), labne cheese

*1.5 cup milk(to wet the cat’s tongue)

*File pistachios to decorate


1)Milk,egg yolks,flour,starch and sugar with the custard, stirring constantly we’re cooking up.When it boils, take from the stove and add the margarine and vanilla.Are unbeaten for 5 minutes with Mixer.When slightly cooled custard until smooth consistency and add labnel we are unbeaten.

2)Deep,non-transparent sides of a glass serving bowls we put a thin slice of our strawberries.

3)we’re spreading the cream on the bottom of serving bowls.The cats we place on their tongues pudding with milk.To cream again on rolling out.We put sliced strawberries and slices of bananas over cream.Then again, we’re putting the icing.Again, ladyfingers,cream,strawberries and banana slices, then put the remaining cream empty and we’re working on it.

4)are decorated with Strawberry slices and pistachios file.

Bon Appetit:)

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