The most suitable fruit for dessert is strawberry I think.I like a lot of pies, especially the strawberry one I love.I have a recipe for you this I made a wonderful strawberry tart mini tart molds.If you want you can prepare a tart mold with fruit and different great.It’s a recipe very fertile.5-6 large tart or mini tart with half a measure you can make.Keep it in the freezer and the other half you can use it another time.I’ll give you full measure.Use half a large pie.


For the pie crust:

*225 grams) cold butter

*3/4 cup granulated sugar

* ½ Teaspoon salt

*3 cups flour

*1 egg

*Half cup cream Turkish coffee

*1 package of vanilla

For the cream:

*Half a litre of milk

*2 cup granulated sugar Turkish coffee

*1.5 cups of coffee flour

*Starch 2/3 cup of Turkish coffee

*1 package of vanilla

*1 cup liquid cream

To decorate:to

*Strawberries and mint leaves


1)First Chop the butter into small cubes into the mixing bowl and we’re getting.On and add the sugar with the mixer until creamy and smooth are unbeaten.Add the egg and continue to stir.Then,respectively,the flour, salt, cream, and vanilla.Continue to mix on low speed until the dough.

2)we’re wrapping with stretch film and cut the dough.We’re resting in the refrigerator for about 1 hour.We will use one of the dough.The other one we’re putting it in the freezer.Roll the dough half a cm thick and slightly tart molds mini unladig with our counter we open our circles we cut into at the edges of the molds to rise and we’re putting.We’re together again, resting the plates in the refrigerator for 1 hour.

3)at the end of an hour out of the closet and we’re drilling holes in the middle part with a fork and put on wax paper in the middle as the weight we’re putting pulses.180 in the preheated oven until golden brown after 20 minutes of baking weights and we’re take the weight before.When it cools we’re releasing from the mold.

4)we’re cooking up custard ingredients except the liquid cream.When it cools, add the cream and the bubbly liquid in a blender we have them.We’re spreading evenly in the middle of weighing.We are decorating with strawberries and mint leaves on it.

Bon Appetit:)

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