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Keep in mind, who knows how many times, “what this girl is out there eating and drinking, with terrible nausea she’s walking for sure,” he Thoughts the past is the past, isn’t it? If you are unfamiliar closely Chinese food, or Chinese food if you think the beasties, you are mistaken. Although I have some bad experiences between them, in fact, in general Chinese food “I love”. Therefore, in this article I want to talk about thoughts and observations about Chinese cuisine and culture.

I can tell you it’s not a cuisine is primarily uniform throughout the country. The variety of food, there are regional differences in terms of the style of construction and materials used many. For example, in some regions -in general and in the southern parts, more terrible pain in the food and spices they use. The amount of pain is decreasing as you get farther north, some regions like to eat more sugar in their food, while some regions prefer more salty food.

Rice is the main meal but the food of the entire region, it would be wrong to say us what is lean for them if the bread-unsalted cooked jasmine rice, the rice they use another kind of sometimes it means sometimes. Again, depending on the region) are consumed as fried rice. I mean roasted rice hasladik after several tiny chopped meat or vegetables, or boiled eggs and are cooked with plenty of oil. This is one of the roasted rice you can’t eat. For example, at a restaurant I go here often, generally at the same time, shrimp, pineapple, onions, peas, carrots, boiled egg, green pepper and salted dry fish a variety of every time I’m consumed with relish.

Another main dishes as you know, instant noodles, Chinese noodles. Dozens of varieties of cooking this pasta and have the shape of a hundred different kinds. My favorite, “chao mian” is called fried ones. Again, with various vegetables roasted in butter and boiled noodles are made with half alive and together. Also a variety of pasta, they use it to make a soup with vegetables and meat. When you eat them, you’re helping with a scoop that you use and mini bars. It’s pretty hard for them to eat or.

What kind of food Chinese cuisine no matter which you choose, always one, they come in bite size pieces. Food in Chinese culture “smash” shame. So using a knife into pieces of food is described as disrespectful. My wife is Chinese Assistant the person who said it, I mean, I’m a liar.

If you order a vegetable dish in a restaurant in China don “this uncooked” and don’t send it back. Vegetables necessarily a little more because it comes alive. I can’t tell you that but it’s so fun to eat. A crunchy slice of potato from the mouth it doesn’t bother me here, with the utmost oiliness, at least part of the healthy vitamins and vegetables in your stomach is landed, didn’t die. Some vegetables here for the first time I saw it. Some cooked with the vegetables that I used to know by the way I saw here for the first time. Some vegetables, for example, peas, it comes with the skin in some dishes here. As far as I know again shelled peas in some regions of Turkey is being used, but here for the first time when it seemed very interesting to me.

Fish dishes in China are also quite interesting. Almost no fish of any kind here that I know. Most River fish, if they’re coming by sea, except for salmon, usually I’m scared to try it because it is stale to me. Metro perch frozen fillets at the grocery store although I found Allah, I can prepare meals like fish in Turkey by lezzetlendirmey as I can. With remaining it is possible to find seafood more than usual. All kinds of shelled unshelled mussel, sea from all kinds of bugs are sold at incredibly cheap prices. You’re like us, “my father came from the sea… if the phrase” if adopted, this is your place.

The restaurant serves different dishes made from fish sauce, the river generally, has and soups. Normally the fish cooked on the grill the taste of plain Chinese “like straw,” he explained, they can’t get enough of the taste when prepared the way I eat. For example, you can see in the picture on hand food fish. I can’t figure out how to shape this, but that extension is crispy on the outside, soft on the inside fish meat and boneless, except the sauce is slightly sweet but very tasty I would say.
By the way, how important a place in a Chinese kitchen decorate I would like to mention that it occupies. Take a good look at the earlier plate of fish, for instance, a mini aquarium you can see fish swimming in it real. A work of art lies on the edge of the dish from time to time can be, for example, in addition to a fish dinner again, somehow never wind its way towards the heavens, without compromising the authenticity of the skeleton once the fish was taking place.

Here, where I live is foreign to many in the city that I mentioned earlier. It’s not just the area I live, many women from all parts of the city, an e-mail system, we keep in touch with each other. The group’s leaders, an event every week are coming together. This week’s event, it was a lunch meeting. The restaurant also was a Chinese restaurant we are in today. No Western restaurants here, so don’t think, in general, Western-style for breakfast and lunch I would like to state that took place.

The presentation and the taste of the food at the restaurant chosen today all of us were very pleased. I’d like to talk about, especially the Peking duck, I think China must have the type of food that first comes to mind. Feature this dish, the duck was fried as whole of each side were equal, and during the service the skin only is used. In the US similar to the lavas but when eating steamed pancakes, sweet sauce and some finely chopped fresh onion is being done with the situation. The rest of the soup while you eat the duck apart later in its form is presented.

Finally, China kitchen and dining more than a few words and I want to change the recipe of the culture. Eating in China is very important, but what’s more important to share it. All the dishes you ordered to eat here and everyone wants a turn when he comes out of plates takes a piece with chopsticks. I mean, ” I ordered him,” and you can’t get in front of the plate, shame. In the middle of the table made out of glass, there is a second floor which can be turned by hand, all the dishes are placed on the glass tray elegantly if she wants to eat what, WHO, in turn, brings in front of any food. I know I shouldn’t have to remind to eat with chopsticks dishes because of the novelty, because you don’t know, but for me is exhausting and unnecessary. Moreover, who when cutting large pieces with a knife some of the need is rising. The Chinese, in such cases expertly plucked the mouths of the same part, they put a plate in front of the rest. Fuck I have to turn into little pieces but still nice. The population of Earth took place in the bar as those who use forks because it is possible to say that they are those who use more than the Japanese, the Koreans, like the rest of Asian countries also is using the rod. It amazes me that they have still failed to discover the practicality of the fork, but I want to close the thread and they say that you must have.

Chinese cuisine and culture, of course, my stuff never is not limited to, books to tell is not enough. If you are still curious I would recommend you to read this book. After this book, your interest in what a remarkable degree their Chinese food may increase.

Let’s my own recipe, like I said, itís my house because I didn’t get a chance to do the fish taste, I got into the bass I felt the need to a special recipe for frozen fillets. At a friend’s house I ate a delicious bass that was previously very resourceful steaming is a description of a recipe and adapt it to Turkish tastes, I tried to combine it with Spanish. If you wish to offer yourself and your guests a different flavor than the furthermore, it is also delicious with delicious fresh Turkish seabass recipe you won’t regret if you do you’ll have to tell me.

1 sea bass fillet per person – you may prepare your fisherman.

1 large fillet from fish is more than enough for two people.
4 tbsp olive oil
5-6 garlic cloves
1 small onion, finely chopped
3 handful of mushrooms, half a cm. width sliced
Juice of half a lemon
2 grated tomatoes
Half a tablespoons tomato paste
1 bay leaf
1 tablespoon flour
Black pepper
Half teaspoon thyme
1 cubanelle pepper
Enough water

3 or 4 fillets in a baking dish cut side by side and let the fingers in width. In a pan put olive oil and let them fuck around a little. Add the thinly sliced garlic until the garlic turns pink and I’m into kavurali. Add the onions and a little chopped kavurali I am. Then add the sliced mushrooms and lemon juice mushrooms that we’ll give you a tour of tarnishing. Cook until the mushrooms release water I’ve got. Then add the grated tomatoes and tomato paste to the mushrooms. Add 1 cup water and add the spices. (Bay leaf, salt, thyme, black pepper), the tomatoes until soft, then cook in 1 tablespoon flour, the sauce and squash with 2 tablespoons cold water stirred. For 5 minutes add. Dips must have no more hydrated too dry, water isn’t much if you think about pulling a lot of provided that you can add. In the picture of the water up enough.

We prepared the sauce, pour over the fish in the bowl oven, let them close in on the two interrupt pepper. Heard in advance, bake in the oven at 190 degrees for 30-40 minutes.

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