Steamed Beef Dumplings… #recipes

And waiting and waiting for you to update my blog too appetizing, I don’t know what did you think when saw this picture, instead of a new cake, but that cake back in my mirror when I saw her in a bathing suit “I’m in shock. For that reason, I don’t feel like doing anything for a long time. I’m trying to eat lighter food this. Back from vacation myself and I’ll throw in the kitchen that time again 😉

As a family we love Chinese food. Attack we keep together, therefore, put ourselves out or at home if I have time or I’m cooking. To my mind the quickest when I have a Chinese attack on one afternoon recently I came to prepare wontons. In fact, Turkish cuisine enthusiasts prefer to yogurtsuz they won’t run out of butter ravioli, but the ravioli really taste of much else. As ours is not laborious to prepare, but already in the same category are not. Meanwhile, none of the existing Chinese recipes dumplings recipe on the internet it’s not real. Some people put starch in the dough were written. The recipe is the original, the original one from my Chinese teacher. I’ll give my prediction all to the eye of the recipe for making the decision. Because it is very easy to prepare the dough becomes Short again if it can be done.
Here is the recipe:

For the dough:
1 cup water
Flour possible
1 teaspoon salt

Grated 1 celery(from last season, hard to find, but you may put up)
300 grams ground beef
2 stalks leek, chopped thin
4 tablespoons soy sauce (instead of salt we’re putting, or you can just put salt according to your taste)
Black pepper if you wish (but they don’t)

Knead the dough nicely on turn off, let rest while preparing the inside of the ravioli. To prepare the mix. Your fists a pulp on a large surface, and will strive to be sure it doesn’t stick unlayar with a rolling pin to 2 mm. so thick open. Normally Chinese are preparing the dumplings by opening one until they cut the dough nuts. I’ve done it both ways, but in one piece a glass cut circles from the dough, the dough became more practical and open to me. This idea that apart from my teacher I laughed a lot 😉
We cut a lot from a spoon the stuffing into the dough, put the ravioli in half, fold a wing, so that it remains flat under him and the other meandering to stick off. sited a container full of boiling water to coarse perforated index and close your mouth. Let boil for 20-25 minutes. If (this-style cooking you can boil in plenty of boiling water if you don’t have container) to dip into soy sauce or hot sauce on the steamed dumplings as you can eat it.
Bon Appetit!

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