This week was a little intense for me.However, I wanted to publish a recipe for Valentine’s day.To my mind ,I’ve ever seen before, and the idea that I like very much the stained glass cookies came. Cookie, I cut a heart pattern, and the Red Rock Candy I used.The concept of this satellite and day is pretty good I think.Here is some sugar cookie dough and the desired color of the image you want is important because you can use Hard Candy.Sugar cookie dough recipe I used.(See fig.Bengu’s cookies) After opening, I cut a heart pattern with a dough roller.I pulled the small heart pattern piece from the middle.After the coins in the tray, heart-shaped hard candy baked at 170 degrees I put one of my open spaces.

Note:If you wish, with the help of teaspoon you can fill in the spaces from Hard Candy and Rondo.

Bon Appetit:)

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