Spinach, Peanut Butter Pie – ..

The arrival of a recession.. maybe this Dec.. e cold reverie block means the decline of subject material means. Though lately I’m making an attempt to lots of cake. But before I could ends. I mean… maybe one day the light etc
When I go to my sister that I made pie. Melda was thanks to pull in and send a picture.
Very different, not different to make peanut spinach I put in. E calories add calories to flavor most of the time after all 🙂
E I’ve opened one myself in dough. The recipe also from pepela. Full in my hand if I open the dough to mind when you see what I wrote Today I was going to try that recipe. Had the fortune to this day. It doesn’t look Pepela, but keep trying the recipes, of course. Hopefully will be coming soon.. lovely recipes with nice displays and publications between us
( by the way Pepee Yetur with flavor from the frame also got the recipe. we love a blog that is)

Spinach Pie

Easy-to-hand opening dough recipe ;
– 1 cup milk,
– 1 cup plain yogurt
– 1 cup vegetable oil
– 1 packet) instant yeast
– salt
– un

We’re opening a medium soft dough with the ingredients.
It says in pepela 6 8 cloth I am going to talk meringue.
Thins down the dough with flour as much as we can we are.
We’re showing over 1 tablespoon oil until.The liquid then once more you can enlarge a little more oil if you try to open.
We cut and we cut them in half if it’s deformed from fees and roll it’s what we do. After this stage, we wanna put it in the tray U shaped rolling tray and you want to continue.
On the egg yolks, syrup we’re baking in the preheated oven until golden brown.

Wash the spinach well and drain for the mortar, I was in a lot I haven’t killed cook the onions. I added pistachios into. And salt,pepper.
Of course, this pie-you can do this with any mortar. Spinach is my favorite in my pies. I say let’s try one IM in Leek. Sister Seda I ate was delicious..

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