spinach lasagna #recipes

Spinach lasagna

Ingredients half pound ground beef spinach lasagna
Weight spinach 2 tablespoons butter
1 small onion, grated
a package of 250 grams of grated cheese lasagna spices
half a litre of milk
2 cloves garlic
I used salt and pepper lasagna dough dough ready, boil water and put the dough in a small bowl let’s our light
16 4 because the dough is enough lasagna as well as conditioned .
our first meat after chopping onions I also continue kavurali kavurali I’m willowy in it .
wash spinach and little bits of garlic in the mortar and extract the hash salt pepper spices also increase our milk in our daughter the clerk stirred in 3.4 minutes, add lasagna and cook.
My first Pyrex lasagna dough on your sort .
We prepared our dough are sprinkled are sprinkled cheddar mortar from the mortar again we sort of duties on our most recent and sprinkle Cheddar in The Shape of the mortar in order came out of the oven after a bake in oven 180 degrees 3.4 minutes ready to serve enjoy

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