Of spinach this spinach, we know how useful it is.. the problem to be able to feed the children. Magazine and I immediately found a practical solution to the table then I decided to try it. My daughter who doesn’t eat spinach loves the taste never.(after I told her that was eating her spinach) easy to make, tastes good, nutritious and very useful..come on what are you standing for the right Kitchen… Enjoy.. PREPARATION:

For the crepe batter; 2 eggs, 1 cup of oil, 3 cup milk, 6 tablespoons flour and salt and mix. Leaves 8-10 spinach leaves to the mixture is added up and taken from the robot. Pour a small ladle of crepe batter into a pan with a nonstick surface and cooked on both sides. Pour the crushed feta cheese on the pancakes and roll form is folded in thoroughly. Spilling some sesame seeds on top are cut in ring shape.

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