Scrumptious Potato Breakfast Burrito #recipes

I did two puffs in a row was to my guests. The opening of pulp or something don’t be afraid. You can even open with your hand. A yeasted dough,not a pie kiyir you get.
I took the recipe from the blog Vanishing kitchen.

For the dough ;
1 cup warm water
1 cup milk
1 cup olive oil
1 teaspoon salt,
Slowly add in flour.

To prepare, boil the potatoes we’re crushing it. Butter,salt,red pepper flakes, we leave to cool by adding.
We leave the dough to rest, knead by dividing 6ya.
The size of each of the parts by rubbing oil between them and a plate open in the fridge for half an hour we’re holding.
Each oval of dough out of the fridge and put the potatoes into an open roll that we’re doing.
On the egg yolks, syrup or golden brown at 180 degrees by adding black seed or kernel popping Adarsh we’re baking.
If you want to make the night before and the egg in the closet and in the morning you can bake without touching.

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