We-in the morning we’re having breakfast.Sometimes even then we prefer to continue with Iftar Bran soup.For this purpose these days…or pastry

We-in the morning we’re having breakfast.Sometimes even then we prefer to continue with Iftar Bran soup.Mayaladim pastry dough to make these days for this purpose.When the dough is on the site I saw in the net before mayalanir but I don’t remember which, presentations Donuts came to mind.For example, the leaves of the bouquet that I did like.The owner of the blog in the form of a single doughnut was prepared.Meanwhile, if the name of the blog or visitors if I remember I’ll add it right away.I made cookies inspired by roses own Rose the way and really was a nice image.The dough is leavened, the way you try and complete but I still didn’t liked it very much and I hope you’ll like it.(specifically,this recipe for honoring me with nice comments on my ‘Isilca Flavors’ dear lady, I tried to publish the details for thermal)


*1 cup warm milk
*1 cup warm water
*1 egg (whites for the yolks)
*125 grams butter at room temperature
*1 package dry yeast
*1 tablespoon (delete) granulated sugar
*1 teaspoon salt

Leaf parts:
*Olive paste

For the roses:
*Breakfast acika


1)water,milk and yeast into the mixing bowl and we mix them we’re getting.Add all the ingredients except the flour.Add the flour, start kneading by adding in a controlled manner.Stop adding flour when the dough sticks to soft hands and we’re going to over it and cover with a damp cloth in a warm place for half an hour mayalandiriyo we are.
2)rising dough, gently kneading it and we’re we allocate slightly more than half.We will create the Leaf part of the bouquet.The dough rectangular (length much longer than transverse) and olive paste we’re opening we’re riding.

3)roll the dough, and we’re going to cut triangular pieces as shown in the following figure.

4)we are pushing with the help of a rod in the middle of the Triangle.

5)we put the leaves wax paper, medium round, we’re getting to the outer part of the tray.
6)we open the other dough round with the help of a small bowl for the roses and we’re going to cut pieces.Roll up the part without mercy by driving three round breakfast, we do as in the picture below.

7)roll out two roses and leaves and we cut vertically in the middle of the place we’re creating.Because while we’re putting the Roses a little intermittent, I also wouldn’t lose way too much for turned.

8)they formed the bouquet after we reserved egg yolks, syrup we’re baking in a preheated oven at 175 degrees.

Bon Appetit:)

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