Invited last Saturday was one of the delicacies on the menu. Orders when deciding on the list wrote to the spinach roll, or bacon or salmon but I haven’t made a decision. My intention is to get work because of busy last week when crunch when it comes to Bacon, the salmon roll I bought for another recipe for kullaniverdim.

A symbol of elegance followed with much interest, as you describe @almost exactly in the same way I applied the recipe in the flood. Spinach and salmon in my hand a little more butter and I used less than the amount due. I used the white cheese instead of cream cheese and cheese mixture. Let’s tariff;


– 300 g spinach

– 5 eggs

– 80 gr of butter

– 1 teaspoon baking powder

For stuffing:


We are in our Steam spinach in its own juice or boiled and cooling. Then, squeeze the water thoroughly, mash with the Rondo we are making. We’re separating our egg white and yolk. Before are unbeaten yolks with baking soda and then add the spinach, then the butter melted, we have added Our ilittig. In a separate bowl, mix the egg whites with salt as snow, and are unbeaten until the consistency. Then add the egg yolks and egg whites to the mixture with a wooden spoon we are feeding it with pieces turn out. The homogenized mixture in a rectangular tray as you can see in the album ( If you have silicone or wax paper like I used on the metal), pour in preheated oven for 20-25 minutes at 170 degrees and we’re baking. After it has cooled a bit, we take out of the oven. Meanwhile, the cream cheese, mix with chopped dill and chives. We put spinach and roll it carefully from the cooling tray as it makes our base shape, we’re opening up it again. The entire surface of the base, cover with salmon mixture over cream cheese sliced syrup we. Carefully roll the wrap in the form of stretch film, we are resting in the fridge for 2-3 hours off and ULA. If you wish to take to squeeze into the outer surface of cream cheese mixture, tomato we can use it to decorate instead. Listened and consistency of our service we are doing sitting slicing rolls. Bon Appetit.

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