Sabahnur of the Splendid Table #recipes

The last few weeks of the summer into the fall in our discussions together I’m in. In recent negotiations, with the nozzle concept also starting to prepare a concept sabahnur always chose the Woodland. I think we can say that we fall in Turkish. It’s because of the water everything Pinterest. What things can do to us..
Here sabahnur of our mother knitted industrious birds, you know. You should know that the whole world 🙂 http// can check from ..
Now let’s move on to the photos. Both the concept and prepared the cake as a gift to us, the analogy of the birds I tried. The Chocolate Cherry was in the content.

On the menu
Sariyer pie
Eggplant winter
Spinach pear salad
Lentil salad
Wet Cookies
Salty, little ones, and
There was a cake.

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