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Rose dessert for iftar in the evening

Easy Dessert Recipe Ingredients For Rose

100 g butter (room temperature ),

1 cup vegetable oil

1 cup yogurt,

1 cup semolina,

1 egg,

Of baking powder 1 Package (10 oz.),

1 package vanilla (vanillin sugar, 5 g.),

4 and a half cups of flour.

Note: if desired, you can use red food coloring to make the pink color. I used a teaspoon of food coloring

For syrup;

Melted butter

4 cups sugar

4 cups water

The juice of half a lemon.


when we are preparing it boils the slurry first, then we’ll cut off our syrup must be warm at the bottom, and our our liquid butter in a bowl, oil, eggs and yogurt and then mixing in the other ingredients slowly we are adding Our we’re and so I used red food coloring if desired it should be a soft dough our dough our dough, we are a molder with the roller round with a tea cup on the counter, we’re opening our 4 small round dough and put it on top of that we cut we are cut off in a manner spaced from the middle of the roll tray and cut the shape of a Rose and remembers our listing we are in the middle one, and we we’re pushing the nuts out of the oven on 180 degrees baking in the oven with warm honey rose syrup desserts we’re walking our

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