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With a coffee cup in my hand, I want to give a very nice recipe of coffee dessert to accompany different today. Enjoyed my time in the last period of this dessert from a program that creates, “Two Greedy Italian“from the series. This delightful program which was built by the famous Italian chef’s BBC Two Channel Bloomberg HT broadcasts in the evening of the day Sunday in our country. In 2011-2012 the program, but again, even with pleasure, so is being watched. Our country restaurant Antonio Carluccio and Gennaro Contaldo they are together, the program and to go to a different region of Italy which is the hometown of each chapter, and there they give the recipes and culinary culture by describing life changing. Chefs in the program with old friends goofing around with each other, about the Italian cuisine, they share their experience. For the kitchen lover like me is a very nice program, and I followed the directions in the last month of 3, 3 got full marks. Also in time I’m willing to share other recipes, but I’m putting this recipe in the first place.

After you have obtained the materials, made recipe, although it took some time enjoyably, I went in the kitchen with the rain, I just thought that maybe the emulation, due to my daughter about the kitchen, asking the individual while preparing the ingredients, mix the cream helped too:) original recipe herejust Pandora and panettone cake I used walnuts instead of almonds because I couldn’t find what I chose. (Also, one Italian panettone Christmas cake, usually made with plenty of time for mayalandirila also by Pandora, panettone and dried fruits available round the inside of Pandora’s simple and star-shaped)


– 1 kg ricotta cheese
– 140gr caster sugar
– 70g candied fruit
– Coarse 40g chopped walnuts
– 50g chopped dark chocolate or Chocolate Drops
– 1 tablespoon cocoa
– Panettone or Pandora cupcake 600gr
– 175ml vin santo or other sweet wine


So primarily we are preparing our pudding for our sweet cream filling cotta. 500 grams of ricotta cheese into two separate bowls in two parts of our for this we’re dumping it. (500 gr 2-ready package I used) chopped walnuts and fruit, marshmallows, chocolate, and powdered sugar in the bowl we’re sharing our two equal pieces. Both the bowl and add the cocoa stirring in Kayseri also one of our we’re getting a homogeneous cream. Then covered with 2 cm thick slice of our cake and dessert bowl into the base of our stretch film as you can see in our collage, we’re okay. We’re taking our wine on with a brush, and then a thick layer of the white cake we made our progress on our entire ricotta cheese mixture. Then we carve the cake and again we’ll be closing on our progress we are in wine. On the second floor with chocolate cake mix the ricotta cheese and top with slices of empty floor again and again we’re doing the wine syrup to the top and tightly close it with saran wrap and pour on the remaining wine and putting it in the fridge, we’re good. The recipe is said to be resting I kept waiting for 6 hours minimum for 1 Night. The next day, at the top of the stretch taking place in a serving dish and remove if any with a large knife (chef’s knife) slicing we are doing a service by. Bon Appetit…

Note: we put in the bottom of the bowl, stretch, and get out without taking the weather allows you to rest easy our sweet. A box of cake slices 1-2 leaves, and a large deep bowl full will be enough. Close into our ricotta cheese curd cheese a cheese, or ricotta cheese instead of expensive ready receive you make your own you can use this product.

Today is also “happy Valentine’s day”….

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