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rice pudding

Rice pudding to you all good evening, Good evening’s Iftar for iftar rice pudding I’ve made about 5 liters milk for sahur and Iftar lids close and I’ll put it in the fridge because I don’t add too much sugar have very light rice pudding dessert, rice pudding, serve it with berries or some cinnamon on it if I want to just about you can’t eat the eye, I made the decision to
I used long grain rice 2 cups 🌹
🌹4 liter milk
2 cups granulated sugar 🌹
Vanilla sugar 2 🌹
🌹4 cups water
🌹Meal 2 tablespoons starch
🌹Half-cup of water, milk.


First, rice starch washing times are not completely sufficient .
Add 4 cups water to pot, and while stirring add the milk to soften the rice and stir constantly on tender on rice thoroughly softened, when we try add the powdered sugar and the corn starch in half a cup of milk pour into the pot add the rest of we’re going to add two vanilla sugar and stir constantly, this process takes a long time, don’t stop stirring the rice soft and easily crushed it in your hand take one’s permission .
Ladle into bowls and then into a bowl after it cools, close the doors and sort them in the fridge, we love, we in the month of Ramadan it’s very good if you want a slight sweet you can replicate the ratio of sugar, but less sugar I have a little baby and I wanted to eat her too because I kept you all good evening, good Iftar

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