Creamy Chicken with vegetables

It’s been nearly two months should be here. I’m very busy, it will be a shame if I said I don’t have time!!! But it really hobbies, family and friendship relations, I realize that I’ve neglected this place.
I bought it from my best friend, I tried it today and I’ll write down the recipe for the chicken we liked it.
1 package of chicken (boneless thigh)
2 zucchini
2 carrots
1 package of cream (200 ml.)
1 package of ready-mushroom soup
salt, pepper, red pepper, thyme

Pumpkins and carrots are peeled and grated. And the chicken is mixed with other ingredients. Rest in the fridge for a bit (if emergency can be cooked without resting, but this way vegetables and spices hover stands-better fragrances is teeming with chicken). Spread on a baking sheet. Heated to 200 degrees oven and cooked. Served hot.

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