chicken noodle salad

Hello… after a long break I’ve neglected my blog long enough. I’ll show some interest in my page, I want to close the difference.

My guests who came here today for the first time this salad I did. Was very likely. For those who prefer a light dinner or good for dieting actually, I think it’s a meal in itself…


whole chicken





extra virgin olive oil



Chicken boiled in salted water (I boiled a whole chicken, but I used half of this). Go for the chicken.


Noodles teflon pan (without oil) saute until transparent. Chop the tomatoes and lettuce on a salad plate. Noodles mixed with chickens (chickens it will be cold) is added. If desired, other materials can also be added.


Lemon juice, salt and extra virgin olive oil sauce is poured over the salad in a bowl and are thoroughly mixed during the service.

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